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Search Engine Optimization


A beautiful website is worthless if it can’t be found. Here are some of the steps we take to getting your website noticed. Our Search Engine Optimization process involves looking at all aspects of your website to see what aspects can be improved to drive more leads to your site and increase conversions. From Call to Action’s to long tail keywords we look at everything to send your business to new heights!

What We Do Best


Competitor Analysis

See how you stack up with your competitors and what can be done to rank higher than them. We analyze up to three of your competitors and see what search engine optimization techniques they use. If your Page and Domain Authority are higher than your competitors we will optimize your website to outrank them for keywords they currently use.


Site Audit

A complete site analysis is performed on your website to see where potential issues are and what we can do to get you to rank higher. This analysis include everything from site crawlability, to URL structures to duplicate content. We take a deep dive of your website to make sure we fix as many problems as possible.

Keyword Research

Optimize your website for terms that will rank on the first page of Google and drive qualified traffic to your site. For newer websites just getting started we like to use long tail keyword searches to generate more qualified traffic. Long tail keywords are more descriptive searches that users search when they are ready to purchase. While long tail keywords get less monthly traffic they have a much higher conversion rate than mainstream keyword searches.

Structured Data Implementation

Help Google understand what your site is about by adding Structured data to your web pages. Rich Snippets will also be implemented to give your site a better preview in search engines, making your site appear more professional while also taking up larger sections on the first page of Google.


Negative SEO and Backlink Audit

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and spammy back links. If your site has not been updated in a while and an “SEO Expert” has given you thousands of back links in the past, chances are your website is being hit with some negative SEO penalties. We check all your back links to verify that they are authentic and not penalizing your site. If they are penalizing your site, we will have them disavowed by Google to remove those penalties.


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Research & Analysis

We start by researching your industry as a whole to look for new trends or other areas that your competitors may not be targeting. After the industry research has been done we will compare your site with some of your competitors to see how you rank to see what approach should be taken to drive consistent, qualified traffic to your site.

Roadmap planning

After researching your industry, Liquori Web Solutions works to implement the keywords and phrases to drive more traffic to your site. In addition to the keywords, we also add structured data to enhance your website's search results on Google.

Execute & Monitor

We use top of the line analytics software to monitor where your website is ranking and any issues that may arise throughout the lifetime of your website. The SEO process is a long term process that can take up to six months to see results. The number of competitors in your industry will play a large part in the time it takes to rank highly.


Pricing Models For Every Need

With websites varying so much in size and complexity, Liquori Web Solutions doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach to pricing. A five page website isn’t going to cost as much as a fifty page website to optimize and maintain. Because of this all our pricing models are custom built to fit the needs of the customer. To request pricing please fill out our contact form listed below.

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