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Web Design

Web Design

With over 80% of clients doing research online before making a purchase, a website should no longer be an afterthought. From mobile searches to user experience research, Liquori Web Solutions will cover all the bases to make sure you get everything you want out of your website.

What We Do Best

Web Design

With website design becoming easier everyday with Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wix and Squarespace giving you the ability to create a website in minutes, why should you pay a web designer to build you a site. While a Wix or Squarespace site may look good on the outside there is much more that goes into a website than having a pretty background or nice font. A website that looks good to a person may never make it into a Google search if it is not properly set up on the back-end. This is where Liquori Web Solutions comes in to play, we start off using WordPress as our CMS which is far more powerful and customizable than Wix or Squarespace and build you a beautiful website that you and the search engines love because we have done the work and learned what it takes to get websites showing up on Google. Beyond showing up on Google we do the research for your industry to find out which Call-To-Action phrases will convert more customers, make you more money and help users stay on your site longer.

Responsive Web Design

Have you ever gone to a site on your phone or tablet and wondered why you can’t click on a button or read all the text on the page? These problems are caused because the website was only made to be used on desktops. This is a huge problem because over 50% of searches now come on mobile devices with that number increasing every year. Designing a responsive website is extremely important and we make sure to resize and organize elements depending on the size of the device it is opened with.



Every day another company gets hacked due to a careless error or unpatched security vulnerability. With the need for cyber security growing every day we make sure to stay up to date with our security patches and procedures to limit the chance of your website getting hacked. While it is impossible to guarantee the safety of your site, we do provide security services to mitigate the effects if your website is hacked by storing backups offsite making a restore of your healthy site quick and painless. Before we have to restore a hacked site we take extra precautions to limit the chances of your site being compromised. We only use top rated hosting providers and scan for malware to prevent your website from being corrupted. If you are interested in learning more about the steps we take to secure your website, please fill out a contact form so we can set up a phone call to answer any questions you may have.

We Can Do It All


Get your products online and avoid paying the fees associated with third party online sellers. Want other people to sell on your site and pay you a comission? We can cover that too!


Blogging is an awesome way to grow your business, because it provides value to customers without having to purchase anything. An additional benefit of blogging is that it provides new content for your website keeping you relevant to search engines.

Logo Design

A great name only goes so far. If you know what you want but have trouble making it we can help or create something completely unique just for you.

our Work

Here are a few websites we have recently built.

Southern Crescent Realtor Expo web design
Kole Contractors web design
RBI Newnan web design

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